Saturday, February 7, 2009

Where Creativity, Technology & Business meet!

Well, Hello to all! I have stubbed out this place holder so you will have something to see when you get here. I already have a blog for Funny Stories, Philosophy (of sorts) and one that works as a catch-all. I decided it was time to blog on the work-a-day side of life; hopefully where your passion and your play comes together to fill your coffers.

I have worn multiple hats over the course of my life; even disregarding my personal life. I have been a preacher, a programmer, a telecommunications consultant, a speaker, an e-commerce comsultant, a technical/functional architect for a Fortune 50 company, an entrepreneur, an HR specialist, a writer and a producer.

I have much to offer and many hidden stores to call on. I hope to connect with you. We all have so much to share and to learn.

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