Monday, May 25, 2009

Have laptop will travel - Architect for Hire

What would you pay if you could get a Technologist, Architect and Consultant all wrapped up in a Business Savvy Package? Don't answer yet cause theirs more....

What if it also includes a Business Analyst, a Requirements Analyst, a Project Manager and a Development Lead all rolled into one? Not yet, there's still more....

How about he specializes in telecommunications and can help you reduce your overall data/voice cost within the first 3 months! He has worked within multiple industries and has led small development initiatives as well $15M projects?

Act now while the supplies last. As far as I can tell there is only one and he wants to stay in Alabama.

References are available on request. I want to work in a team environment where we are all congtributing to the over all success and ROI. I am looking to be challenged in a company where I can have an immediate impact on the bottom line.

What would you expect to pay? Trust me, in this economy I want to work at a great company with great people and hone my craft. I am stupid affordable. Give me a shot.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Brand Romine - RK'


Synergistic Enlightenment

Mission Statement:

To create an atmosphere that allows the willing to examine the nature of their being and to form a stronger foundation on which they stand.


I enlighten and entertain, through a unique perception of reality, in such a way that allows the willing to expand the boundaries of their conscious thought.


There is no meaning outside of what we seek and what we expect to find.


I am.

Tag Line:

I mean your planet no harm.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Resume Category Part I

This is the 1st installment of my Synoptic Resume:

Steven L. Romine, Personal Branding and On-going experience
  • Personal website (landing page) for easy access to blogs & social media.
  • Currently developed and maintaining five blogs of personal interest.
  • Tracking HCI, Usability and Total Customer Experience thru captured analytics (Google Analytics)
  • Utilizing FaceBook, MySpace, Birmingham Online Networking and Twitter to maximize social media exposure of my product to a wide array of clientele.
  • Utilizing MSN Live, OoVoo & TokBox to explore other (non-YouTube) areas for video/audio exposure.
  • Currently running a podcast site to integrate audio-casts with my personal blogs.
  • Working with several friends to help them develop their own personal blogs.
  • Worked with a local non-profit to help design dynamic web site that would utilize SEO to help drive donors and customers to their business. Lost funding and had to drop development.

Resume Category Part II

This is the 2nd installment of my Synoptic Resume:

User Interface Designer and Application Developer

  • Lead User Interface developer for Seven years.
  • Performed usability testing with Marketing and External Customers.
  • Collected and analyze data to confirm customer usage, reduced staff work load, usability and ultimate product effectiveness.
  • Team Lead and Business/Requirements Analyst on Windows Application.
  • Led JAD session to coordinate design specifications and translations for the programming staff.
  • Worked with a production company in Los Angeles to design and deliver video-disc with effective customer interactive material to enhance the customer experience.
  • C/Assembler Programmer and Team Lead on PC-based Touch screen/Video-disc system.
  • Aims website design and development

Resume Category Part III

This is the 3rd installment of my Synoptic Resume:

Data Communications / E-Commerce Specialist

  • Integral in BellSouth's roll-out of their Dot.Net product.
  • Consulted w/customers to help define their web presence and business objectives.
  • Helped develop Communities of Interest w/in metro areas to drive Internet Business.
  • Led GAP Analysis sessions with clients to identify needs and ROI
  • Design, Proposal and Sale of complex Electronic Commerce / Data Communication applications.
  • Prepare RFP’s and Bid proposals.
  • Product Training, System overviews and Product Application Seminars.

Resume Category Part IV

This is the 4th installment of my Synoptic Resume:

Business / Systems /Data Analyst and Project / Product Manager
  • Business/Requirements Analyst
  • Jad Sessions
  • Led GAP Analysis sessions with internal clients to identify needs and ROI
  • Facilitate Meetings
  • Deliver Proposals
  • Led feasibility sessions to determine viability and ROI
  • Costing, Budgeting, Product Enhancement, Customer specific designs, Project Approval, New Development and Tariffing for all fiber services: 10 Meg - Gigabit - DWDM Fiber Services.
  • Analyze data and costing for new product development and recommend decisions.
  • Worked with Account Teams on RFP’s for customer specific Special Pricing and design.

Resume Category Part V

This is the 5th installment of my Synoptic Resume:

Functional / Technical Architect
  • Led GAP Analysis sessions with internal clients to identify needs and ROI
  • Analyze operational data relevant to system & network uptime for partner compliance.
  • Lead in developing large-scale system design, coding, testing, installation & acceptance.
  • Client liaison to IT with full architectural responsibility and approval.
  • Lead Architect for the Consumer Business Unit in BellSouth (now AT&T)

Resume Category Part VI

This is the 6th installment of my Synoptic Resume:

Telecom, Data Center and HR Consultant

  • Responsible for $12,000,000 book of business: directly produced $6,000,000 yearly revenue.
  • Managed 100 consultants handling hiring, performance, discipline and termination.
  • Application Development and Data Center Consulting within the Telecom market.
  • Perform gap analysis to define business problem, facilitate meetings and deliver proposals.
  • Led feasibility sessions with internal staff to determine viability and ROI
  • Develop and deliver HR Solution package for Small and Mid-Market businesses.
  • Staffed and managed an 11 employee project at the State of Alabama; total revenue of $562K.
  • Delivered profitability within an entrepreneurial organization
  • Identify critical needs within the Information Technology groups of major businesses.
  • Analyze and define critical technical and organizational skill requirements.
  • Identify and retain the appropriate consultant to maximize ROI within client business.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Where Creativity, Technology & Business meet!

Well, Hello to all! I have stubbed out this place holder so you will have something to see when you get here. I already have a blog for Funny Stories, Philosophy (of sorts) and one that works as a catch-all. I decided it was time to blog on the work-a-day side of life; hopefully where your passion and your play comes together to fill your coffers.

I have worn multiple hats over the course of my life; even disregarding my personal life. I have been a preacher, a programmer, a telecommunications consultant, a speaker, an e-commerce comsultant, a technical/functional architect for a Fortune 50 company, an entrepreneur, an HR specialist, a writer and a producer.

I have much to offer and many hidden stores to call on. I hope to connect with you. We all have so much to share and to learn.